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New Mexico Forestry is recruiting for 2 new Hotshot Crews

The state of New Mexico recently welcomed two new hotshot crews, Eagle Peak (based in Socorro) and Pecos River (based in Las Vegas).

Per a February 2nd press release, “Candice Kutrosky will lead the Eagle Peak crew, based in Socorro. Superintendent Kutrosky has heldnumerous wildfire management leadership positions with the USDA Forest Service and Department of the Interior agencies. “For me, this position is about giving back,” said Kutrosky. “Over my career, I’vebeen fortunate to have great supervisors and mentors who helped me to succeed. Now I feel like it’s time to take that position myself and pass along that knowledge and experience to the next generation.”

Christopher Moore will head the Pecos River crew, based in Las Vegas. Superintendent Moore, who has worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the USDA Forest Service and the National Park Service, has extensive experience working on hotshot crews in the northwestern and southwestern states. “It’s a unique challenge to build a crew from the ground up – to find yourself at the beginning of something,”said Moore. “But with support from the state and department leadership, I’m excited to expand New Mexico’s ability to respond to wildfires. The next step will be finding young men and women to build and add momentum to these crews.”

We are working to add the new job postings, but in the meantime, all applications are available here-

Both crews are hiring for assistant superintendents, senior firefighters, squad leaders, and crew members! Lots of opportunities here for the 2024 fire season and beyond!