About Us

We built this site to help wildland firefighters find the next step in their fire career.

Q: How does WildFireWork.com work?

A: We simplify the search for wildland fire careers by finding, organizing, and posting wildland fire jobs from a variety of sources.

Q: Do I apply for jobs on WildFireWork.com?

A: No, we just find job postings and organize them. When you find a job you’re interested in, follow the links provided in the post to apply on the employers’ webpages.

Q: Is this website affiliated with a particular agency?

A: No, WildFireWork.com is not affiliated with or endorsed by any agency or other employer. We do not own, control, or claim responsibility for any of the information provided in the job postings. This information is taken directly from employers’ websites.

Q: How do I submit a job to be posted on WildFireWork.com?

A: If you or your employer has a job you would like to have posted on the site, just use the Contact Us page and send over the details!