Wildland/Risk Reduction Firefighter – Elko, NV

February 23, 2024
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Job Description

Salary- $38,521.60 Annually

Job Description

The Seasonal Wildland/Risk Reduction Firefighter serves as a member of a fuel management crew and/or a wildland fire suppression crew; performs risk reduction and responds to wildland fires within Elko County; and performs related duties as assigned.

  • Works independently or as a skilled member of a fuel’s management crew engaged in fuels management, including broadcast burning, hand piling, pile burning, and other brush disposal techniques.  
  • Uses a variety of hand and power tools, including chainsaws, firing equipment, and/or portable pumps. Gathers data and records information on fuel types, weather conditions, fire behaviors, and status of work accomplished.  
  • Responsible for observing the rules of fire safety and fire behavior while on the fireline.  
  • Serves as a member of the fire crew assigned to suppress the full range of wildland fires independently performing recurring fire suppression duties.  
  • Perform assignments as a wildland firefighter in developing a working knowledge of fire suppression and fuels management techniques, practices and terminology.  
  • May work in and around aircraft such as helicopters and must be able to observe all safety regulations. 
  • Searches out and extinguishes burning materials by moving dirt, applying water by hose or backpack pump, etc.  
  • Chop’s brush, falls small trees, and moves dirt to construct fireline using various hand tools such as axes, shovels, Pulaski’s, McLeod’s, and may use power tools including chainsaws and portable pumps to control spreading of wildland fire and/or to prepare control lines prior to burning.  
  • Patrol firelines to locate and extinguish embers, flareups, and hotspot fires that may threaten developed firelines.  
  • Cleans, reconditions, and stores fire tools and equipment.  
  • May assist trained personnel in more specialized assignments, such as backfire/burnout, mobile/stationary engine attack, construction of helispots, helitack operations, and performing hover hookups.  
  • Participate in fire and safety training in the techniques, practices, and methods of fire suppression and in the safe, efficient operation and use of tools, equipment and vehicles used in fireline activities. 
  • Participate in crew proficiency checks and drills.  
  • Participate in safety sessions and fire critiques.  
  • Ensures own and others’ welfare and safety in all aspects of the assignments.  
  • May support all-hazard incidents as needed.  
  • The crews consist of hourly employees. Work hours will normally involve 40-hour work weeks, but are variable and may include weekends, evenings, and/or holidays. The length of employment is expected to last approximately 6-9 months, but may vary and, ultimately, will be determined by Administration, considering workload, fire season status, and other factors.  
  • Duties involve hiking, lifting, bending, and carrying heavy loads in mountainous terrain on steep slopes varying between 30 to 90%. Must be able to regularly lift 65lbs or 1/3 of their total weight unassisted. May work in extreme weather conditions, from the low teens of winter, to summer high desert temperature’s over 100 degrees. Must display the ability to show good judgement and safe work practices during shift lengths of 16 to 24 hrs. for a 16- day period. Will participate and lead in a daily physical training program consisting of 30 to 45 min. of cardiovascular challenge and 15 to 20 min. of strength training exercises.  
  • All licenses and certifications required to be current and maintained for continued employment.  
  • Incumbents may work irregular hours, weekends, holidays or evenings overnight in outdoor and rural environments.   
  • Travel to county, state and national incidents as required for fuels reduction and wildland fires.    
  • This position requires lifting up to 65 lbs. unassisted.   
  • Ability to participate and lead daily physical training program consisting of 30 to 45 min.   
  • Applicants will be required to undergo a background investigation prior to being considered for employment.   
  • Applicants will be required to pass a thorough medical examination which may include, a physical agility test prior to appointment and for continuing employment (Pack Test).   
  • May work in and around aircraft such as helicopters.   
  • This position has been identified as safety sensitive and is subject to pre-employment and random drug and alcohol screening pursuant to county policy.

Education and Experience

  • 6 months of general work experience; any combination of training, education, and experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.
  • Must maintain a valid Nevada Class C Driver’s License

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


  • Geography of the city/ county/ district, including major streets and landmarks.  
  • Basic mathematics.
  • Hand and power tools. 


  • Communicating effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Understanding and carrying out complex written and oral communications.
  • Applying logical thinking to solve problems or accomplish tasks.
  • Using the tools and equipment required. 


  • Perform a variety of fuels reduction and wildland firefighting assignments.  
  • Learn a variety of fuels reduction and firefighting duties, methods, tools, and equipment.  
  • Analyze situations quickly and reach logical conclusions in emergencies.  
  • Read and comprehend laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.  
  • Read and follow maps.  
  • Understand and follow oral and written directions.  
  • Maintain records and prepare reports.  
  • Exercise good judgment and safe work practices.  
  • Exercise emotional control and work under stressful situations.  
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.  
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with departmental personnel, other agencies, the public, and others contacted in the course of work. 
  • Entry-level candidates will be screened for possession of required abilities through written, oral, performance, or other evaluation methods.

Physical Demands and Working Environment

  • Ability to stand and walk for extended periods. Ability to hike, lift, bend, and carry heavy loads in mountainous terrain on steep slopes varying between 30 to 90%. Ability to frequently stoop, bend, kneel, and climb. 
  • Corrected hearing and vision to normal range. Verbal communication and reading ability. 
  • Ability to work at considerable heights. Ability to perform sustained and vigorous activities in a variety of environmental conditions. Ability to tolerate exposure to extreme weather conditions, heat, fumes, smoke, pressurized water, and chemicals. 
  • This position requires lifting up to 65 lbs. unassisted. 
  • While performing the duties of this position in the office, the employee may work in a generally clean office environment with limited exposure to conditions such as dust, fumes, odors, or noise.
  • In the field, the employee will be frequently exposed to outside environmental conditions inherent with Northern Nevada such as altitudes in excess of 5000′ above sea level, extreme cold and heat, wet and/or humid conditions, high winds, high and/or precarious places, smoke, fumes, airborne particulate matter, toxic or caustic chemicals, and risk of electrical shock.  
  • May be exposed to the bodily fluids of other humans.  May be exposed to environments that are immediately dangerous to life and health while wearing proper personal protective equipment.  The noise level may be loud and require hearing protection.
  • The employee may have periodic contact with angry or upset individuals, frequent interruptions of planned work activities by telephone calls, office visitors, and response to emergencies or other unplanned events. 
  • Position requires occasional strenuous work and long hours, and the ability to attend and/or manage an emergency incident at any time.  
  • Participation in wildland fires may require the employee to remain on the incident for several days.